Managed Isolation & Quarantine

Managed Isolation and Quarantine offers New Zealanders a chance to return home while protecting the community. Creating a coherent and straightforward visual system, in a matter of days, was essential in ensuring compliance from returnees. The visual language draws on New Zealand’s highly successful Unite Against COVID-19 campaign, creating a pattern of recognition for Kiwis returning home. The concept of a ‘bubble’ was repeated in the government’s messaging during the initial COVID-19 outbreak, and this term became synonymous with people isolating for health reasons. Its application is clear and easily understood: instilling caution but not fear, optimism but not exuberance. The MIQ brand and all of its myriad touchpoints makes clear that staying in a Managed Isolation and Quarantine facility comes with special rules and responsibility, and that each returnee has a role to play in keeping us all safe.

Design team: Wendy Cameron, Ezra Toma, Gareth Ruck, Lisa Hart, Chris Sands, Will Manning.